RHC is Health & Safety

Our Methodology

At RHC safety is a priority that is maintained as a key project objective.  It is monitored and enforced as rigidly as quality, budget and schedule.  We have a dedicated Health & Safety Manager who maintains our high standard across all project sites and also ensures all team members receive the appropriate training.  Our ultimate goal is to send every worker home safely at the end of the day.

On-going awareness is accomplished through six key disciplines applied to every project:

Education and Awareness

Certified Representatives

Designated Certified Representatives

Orientation and Tracking 

Field Meetings

Field Meetings

3rd Party Audits

Field Reviews and 3rd Party Audits

Enforcement Through Established Guidelines and Standardized Methodology

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Health & Safety Policy Statement (PDF)WVH Policy Statement (PDF)AODA Policy Statement (PDF)Health & Safety Manual (PDF)