Who We Are

Core Values Pie Chart: Competence, Curiosity, Caring, Community, CharacterRHC is Part of a Family Owned Group of Companies with a Proud 40 Year History

RHC prides itself in the following core values, helping to create stronger relationships and foster collaboration, resulting in better builds.

The History of RHC

RHC is a leader in construction and design management. Our emphasis is on collaboration throughout the design & build process. That is how we achieve smart builds, on time and on budget.

It’s a philosophy that has guided us from the start in 2006, when RHC was established as an independent arm of the Reid’s Heritage Group of companies, building on nearly four decades of development expertise.

From the very beginning, quality, integrity and service have been and will continue to be the values that are instilled in every RHC project.

Innovative solutions are our strongpoint, demonstrated in over 100 projects on behalf of dozens of clients. Solutions are the natural progression of our approach centred on Integrated Project Teams, which draw on and share individual expertise in an open environment of collaboration.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project.